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Project Description
Open Url Rewriter for DNN (DotNetNuke) is extension that improve SEO and overall Site quality.



  • clean urls (
  • no duplicate content
  • exlude non relevant content from search engines
  • clean and complete sitemap
  • also for multi-language

Site quality

  • no broken links
  • page not found 404 and redirections 301, 302 detection


URL Rewriter

  • Rewriting of language part of the url (
  • Rewriting the page part of the url independent of the page name
  • Rewriting for module parameters
  • Rewriting modules without pagename
  • Rewriting of all urls of home page to potal alias
  • Removing file extension

URL Redirector

  • Hold all the history of url’s for redirecting
  • No automatic url change on page name change
  • Making automatic redirections of the old dnn urls
  • Making end user custom redirections

URL Analyser

  • Log url for trouble shooting

URL Sitemap generator

  • sitemap generation (read more)
  • sitemap with alternate links for multilanguage read more
  • rewriting of sitemap.xml to sitemap.aspx

Meta data generator

  • Meta Robots replacing (for login, register, terms, privacy oages)
  • Exluding site from Google during development
  • Annotation rel="alternate" hreflang="x" read more

Supported modules
  • Ventrian News articles
  • Ventrian Property agent
  • Ventran Simple gallery
  • NB Store
  • Blog v6
  • Apollo page localization
  • DNN Simple Articles
  • SunBlogNuke
  • SQL generic provider
more info about the available providers

User interface


Demo website

Where is this Open Url Rewriter used?

Implementation details
  • Read more about the concept
  • The difference with other url rewriters : when you rename pages, module content, everything is redirected to the new url.
  • provider based for the whole url (and very simple to implement)

System requirements
  • DNN 6 or DNN 7 (Tested on DNN 6.2.7 and DNN 7.0.6 to DNN 7.3.4)

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