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The provider implementation is inspired by the sitemap provider.

Core providers:
  • Language Provider : for culture part of url (use of en in place of en-US)
  • TabProvider : for page part of the url. Work with multi-language site. (optionally use of keywords field for url)
  • Control provider : for terms, privacy, login and register pages (remove tabname and ctl) Work with multi-language site.
  • User provider : for user profile pages and social groups

Generic providers :
  • SqlProvider : generate rewrite/redirect rules based on SQL queries read more

Third party providers :
  • Ventrian Simple Gallery : for Ventrian Simple Gallery module (album urls) demo
  • Apollo Page Localization : for multi-language urls (optionally use of keywords field for url) demo
  • DNN Simple Articles : for article detail page and categories demo
  • SunBlogNuke (Contact SunBlogNuke )

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