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SQL Provider not providing


I have the openurl rewriter and SQL provider installed on two identical new installations (DNN 7.3). Both sites have the same table data, and the SQL query is identical - with the same data returned from the query.

One of the sites do NOT show any SqlUrlRuleProvider 0 and the other shows SqlUrlRuleProvider 285 in the OpenURL Rewriter module. I can't find any reasons for this?

Does anyone have an explanation (something I can fix?)


intelligent wrote Jul 16, 2015 at 4:46 AM

After much trial and error I have a little more to contribute, but even less understanding.

I can use any portal except '0' (the one that has ventrian news modules installed) and un-install the NewsArticles_OpenUrlRewriter provider and the SQL provider. When I sucessfully re-install the NewsArticles_OpenUrlRewriter provider the portal will not load or launch even after recycling the application or re-writing and saving the webconfig file.

If I uninstall the NewsArticles_OpenUrlRewriter then the portal will launch as expected. There are 780 articles... but I can give the portal an hour (no processor taxing or load is detected) and yet the portal will not start. This is the same portal with the Ventrian modules.

There are no errors in the site logs of either portals.


intelligent wrote Jan 30, 2016 at 5:37 AM

ok - kill this issue - as it's resolved in the DNN 8.0 and OpenURL rewriter 1.3.4